Insect Bite Relief

Thanks to heat it™, you can treat itchy insect bites at any time and in just a few moments using your smartphone.

Treatment duration

The treatment duration can be selected from 4, 7 or 9 seconds (short, medium, long).

Child mode

This mode is suitable for children from 3 years of age and for adults with sensitive skin. The treatment temperature is reduced from 126 °F to 120 °F.

Sensitive skin

For the treatment of particularly sensitive skin areas, the treatment temperature can be reduced by 3 °F.

Just heat it!

After clicking Start, the ceramic contact surface of the heat it™ heats up to the selected temperature in a few seconds. The app gives you feedback as soon as you can apply heat it™ to the stitch and when the treatment is complete.

Always with you

heat it™ fits on your keychain and is therefore your ideal companion in everyday life, on trips or during sports.



Small, handy and robust. The compact design means you always have heat it™ on your keychain and are ready for itchy bites.



Up to 1,000 treatments are possible at a time with a full smartphone battery. That's enough for you, your family and friends.



You can adjust the treatment to your personal sensitivity. Therefore, heat it™ is also perfect for children from 3 years (self-use from 12 years).


Results in 3 steps

Treat insect bites within moments with your smartphone. Simply plug heat it™ into the charging port and the corresponding app opens. If necessary, you can now customize the treatment. After a short warm up, the contact surface of the heat it™ is placed on the insect bite. Depending on the setting in the app, the treatment takes 4, 7 or 9 seconds and reaches a temperature of between 117 and 126 °F. The app tells you once the treatment is successfully completed.

Reliable & uncomplicated

The principle of heat it™

To relieve itching and pain, the affected skin area is briefly heated to approx. 124 °F. The nerves in the skin react to this heat impulse. Current research suggests, heat application reduces the transmission of stimuli. Therefore, the itching signal can no longer be transmitted properly and the need to scratch disappears. In order to achieve this itch-relief effect on the skin nerves, a short heat pain is necessary. This medically proven principle of hyperthermia can be used for mosquito, horsefly, bee and wasp bites.

For the clinical evaluation as a certified medical device, we worked together with Prof Maurer from Charité Berlin. In June 2023, we published the world's most detailed study on the effectiveness of thermal insect bite healers.

To the scientific study

Medically & scientifically confirmed principle only with concentrated heat

Your ideal companion, which you always have on your keychain due to the compact design

Sustainable heat treatment completely without chemical agents and free of batteries

Treat insect bites within moments with your smartphone

Your Summer Hero

For the whole family

With the heat it™ children's mode, we would like to offer a practical little helper for the whole family. The treatment temperature is thereby reduced to 120 °F. A subtle difference that is clearly noticeable and does justice to young skin. This treatment option is also perfect for adults with sensitive skin.

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3 Years

Minimum age for use

12 Years

Minimum age for self-use

The heat it™ app

The free and intuitively designed app is the central component for controlling the heat it™. We would like to highlight the following features:

✔ Internet is only required for installation
✔ Treatment can be started using the volume button
✔ Dark mode for better visibility at night
✔ Privacy settings for data protection
✔ Continuous updates for app improvement
✔ In-app contact option for service requests
✔ A total of 18 languages are available

Find the right app for your smartphone on Google Play or on the Apple App Store.