For a summer without itching & scratching!

The insect bite healer you always have with you.

Brand new: heat it™ pro

The ultimate insect bite healer, also compatible with the iPhone 15, was available for pre-order until April 6 via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. After the delivery to the Kickstarter supporters, heat it™ pro will also be regularly available in our online store. Discover the ingenious new features of the heat it™ pro on Kickstarter now!

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Bye Bye, Itch!

For your keychain

Small, handy & robust

Minimal battery usage

Safe medical device

Save up to 15% off

If you want to order more than one heat it™, you can benefit from our discount codes when you order 2 or more heat it™. Why? We can ship multiple heat it™ in a single shipping bag and there is no additional postage for us. We want to pass this cost savings on to you.