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Discover now the most innovative insect bite healer and find out why heat it™ is loved by so many people.
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The magic of heat it™

Magicians don't usually reveal their tricks, but we do anyway. heat it™ works solely by means of heat, or more precisely by means of local hyperthermia. This is not hocus-pocus, but a scientifically proven principle of action. The short-term heating of the affected skin area can relieve itching and pain quickly and effectively. This is exactly where heat it™ comes in!

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What makes heat it™ so special

#1 Individually adjustable

✔ 12 treatment options
✔ Integrated child mode
✔ Works chemical-free using heat

What makes heat it™ so special

#2 Fast application

✔ Reliable smartphone add-on
✔ Medically confirmed active principle
✔ No external batteries required

What makes heat it™ so special

#3 Ideal companion

✔ In everyday life, while traveling or playing sports
✔ Handy, robust and only 4 grams light
✔ Always with you on your keychain

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